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Default Running Windows 2000 Server in Virtualbox w/ active directory for practice...


I am practicing with Active Directory and domains and I have set up on Virtualbox. I am using Windows 2000 Server (found in the bottom of a parts box I had in the garage) and would like to have Windows XP, which is on Virtualbox also, connect and log on to the W2k domain. I created a dummy account "Joe Schmoe" in the domain on W2k, and would like to log on from the Win XP virtual machine, BUT...when I try to connect to the domain ("main.domain"), I can't. It says it can't find my domain. I can ping W2k from Win XP, but it will not connect to the domain.

How can I get this going? I know NOTHING about Windows Server networking and Active Directory, and I want to get some experience with it. Hey, I know there's Windows Server 2008 R2, but I found the disc the other day, and decided to practice with this stuff now. For now, my main objective is to learn active directory and domains, since I want to be in IT after college (in high school now). A little help please?

edit: Thought everyone should know that both win xp and w2k are on the same computer in Virtualbox. I don't want to undo my desktop or my lappie's setup to practice, and so I thought I would do this virtually in Virtualbox.

I'm gonna move this to the Server Administration area, I didn't see it before. It's right here.

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Default Re: Running Windows 2000 Server in Virtualbox w/ active directory for practice...

One thing you have to ensure is that your client systems can see the domain host, and the easiest way to do it if you're not running a DNS server is to use the DNS entry in Windows XP and set the primary DNS to the IP address of the Windows 2000 system.

Say your host system (your desktop in your original post) is, and the two virtual systems are (the domain controller) and (the XP system). You would want the XP system to use in the primary DNS, and leave the second box blank, or put in your modem / router's IP address so that it can get out to the web.

I'd also run the network interfaces on the VirtualBox machines in bridged network mode, seems to work best in those cases.

I have a Server 2008 R2 box with a virtualized XP web host, and they get along fine that way.

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Default Re: Running Windows 2000 Server in Virtualbox w/ active directory for practice...

can you ping main.domain from the comand prompt?? If not I guess there is a DNS issue, have you set the dns server on the client? if you use the ip address of the windows 2000 box instead of "main.domain" when you put windows xp machine in to the domain does this work?
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Default Re: Running Windows 2000 Server in Virtualbox w/ active directory for practice...

I posted a reply to this same thread in the Server Area.
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