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Default question about combining computers' speed to 1, is it possible?

Well i saw on the news a few days ago that some scientist guy who wanted to find the last digit of pi set up a website where u can click a button and donate ur comps computing speed to contribute to finding the last digit (it would speed up his calculations). apparently like over 100 ppl donate their speed to him every day or somthin. I was wondering how he did this? I didnt write down the site and i couldnt find anything about it on google... please enlighten me

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These links may be of interest.


*EDIT* Google search:

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Default Re: question about combining computers' speed to 1, is it possible?

That is called distributed computing, it is where the information is sent to hundreds or thousands of home computers which each do abit of the calculation of the initial problem
Examples of these can include SETI@Home, which analyses radio waves from space hoping to search for aliens or unusual signals, and Folding@Home, which i believe is far more useful as it helps to aid the fight for a cure to Alzeimers disease and a variety of others by analysing protein
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