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Default Problem with home wireless network

Hi Guys,

Not sure if you remember me or not, was around for a few months a while back. I come to you in an hour of need! (so to speak)

Basically doing repairs to a clients computer. Its a Wireless home network, with one netgear router about 10ft away, from 1 Pre-Built Dell, with XP. I set the wireless up with a dongle and wireless software from a vendor, now a month down the line its not working.

When I initially looked at it, it would find google when i typed in the adress, maybe 1 times in 5 refreshes, and other sites not at all - or after 10 attempts. Refreshing lots of times so the data cached and I got everything. I initially then cleaned up the rest of the PC and installed an automatic update SP2 for XP. Now it doesnt work at all (no other internet settings changed) - I think this was just because of the faults previous though.

I tried resetting the router, checking connections, running network analysis wizard, and checking the internet options. Im getting the 'Connection may have limited or no connectivity' message, although the network says currently connected, the internet pages keep coming up not found. Also tried tweaking the IP so its not automatically found, and set to 192. etc and 255 subnet, that didnt work.

Any ideas?

Apologies I wont be able to give quick responces - lot of travelling - and thanks in advance


Additional Info:

Browser in use is currently firefox (its the newest version)

I also tried I.E, and that wont work either. Its not the newest version of I.E, but no joy.

Also the user noted a problem with java when updating, but I dont think this will / would make a difference.

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Default Re: Problem with home wireless network

A few thoughts:
1. Take off the security on the wireless.
2. Hard wire it into the router to see if that works.
3. Can you ping any websites?

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Default Re: Problem with home wireless network

It's possible the wireless interface in the router is packing up - if you hard wire a machine into the router and it's fine then I'd say that's your cause. It's also worth checking transfers between machines on the network to see if it's just a problem with internet access or with all traffic travelling through the router.
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