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Default Problem..

Hello, I would like some advice on how I can get evidence that someone in my house is downloading, basically someone has come to stay with us, brother. And now when I play games my ping is solid red, Imagine 3 bars of ping, Two green and one red, well mine is now solid red, my ping on a speed test is up high on like 200 odd and sometimes back to 20ms which is a comfortable ping.

Basically it's his word against mine, he claims he isn't downloading, but I just know he is, is there anyway I can look at the packets coming to and from his connection, is there anyway I can prove it?

Thank you

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Default Re: Problem..

The router keeps logs. There might be one on yours that like mine shows packets up/down bytes up/down and the DHCP assigned IP address to that computer.
On some models you can assign IP addresses by mac numbers. If you set that on some higher end routers, you can throttle the speed by user.
Keep in mind he could be playing online games or streaming media.
Or you could call a family meeting and work out some sort of compromise. You on at certain times and him on at other times.

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Default Re: Problem..

Ok thanks a lot, I will check it out in a sec, is there anyway I can service block this, I tried looking at the listening port and tried a service block and it took no affect. Any other ideas?

Right basically I've just been fiddling around with the Service Blocking feature on the netgear router, basically I blocked from port 1 to 65534 assuming 65534 was the most I could do, I applied it and then I couldn't access firefox or anything, so basically it did its job and I couldn't access the net, if I was to find out the IP address of someone in my LAN and put it to block all ports at a certain schedule, would this work? because this issue is getting frustration now.
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