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Default Odd hpsetup issue

Good morning to all who may read this,

I have been researching hpsetup as a wireless SSID and have found very little in the way of a solid answer to what it is. Mostly i've seen that it is either a connection from a wireless hp computer or printer or a foreign wireless connection (one that does not belong to the user) that can be used to access the internet. I work in an office building so this means it could be a number of things, but i've spent the last few days locking down what it could be. Using net stumbler I figured out what each wireless connection belongs to, but there is one on channel 10 (a channel that to my knowledge is not being used anywhere in the office) that has hpsetup in it. Normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal but the strangest thing occurs with this hpsetup. It show connectivity at about -80 to -85 for about 5 to 10 seconds and the there is no connectivity to that mac address again. Then about 5 min later another hpsetup shows up on channel 10 with a completely different mac address has connectivity at about -80 to -85 for another 5 to 10 seconds and then dissapears. I let net stumbler run overnight and there are almost 400 entries of hpsetup each with a different mac address. Any ideas about what could be causing it would be fantastic. I did think it may be net stumbler seeing my computers wireless connection, but why would it show a different mac address each time then? Anyways thanks for any info you may have or for taking the time to read this.

I found this thread:
Computer Forums Hpsetup thread
but it didn't really solve my problem and is an old dead thread so I thought I would post something new. If this is posted in the inncorrect place I apologize. Have a great day.

John Burkholder,
Kandersteg, Inc.

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Default Re: Odd hpsetup issue

i have read that thread, and i think its just ya laptop transmitting and reciving at the same time kinnda thing. I had the same problem, but with my own network.

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Default Re: Odd hpsetup issue

I thought that too, but im not so sure that is the case. If it was my computer technically the mac address should be the same each time or at least the OUI shouldn't come up. In this case each time there is an instance of hpsetup it has a diff MAC address and a different OUI. I checked on some of the OUI's and they are from California and Taiwan and Japan and other various areas around the world. Since none of these places are remotley close to me it would lead me to believe that whatever is doing this is spoofing MAC addresses and as far as I know my laptop isn't capable of doing that. Im still not sure what could be causing this.
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