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Default Newbie help--- DNS

Okay, a breef(sp?) backgrond:

I'm only 14 and have limited support to certain tools, so please don't tell me I should choose something else...

Ok, the problem:

I want to learn as much as possible before I hit that age where I have to do something with my life--- so I've decided to try to host some friend's web sites. I'm in no way trying to make a professional, or even secure setup here. But I'm having trouble. My plan is to give my friends FTP accounts to folders where they can store the information and such and use .tk domains to forward to it. I do not have a main domain(www.computerfourms.org type of thing) yet only an IP--- this has worked fine in the past. Now, .tk domains only allow a web site to be forwarded once, to get around this--- I need to make those things(lol not sure what to call them really(why im here) but those thingys like... media.somesite.com) so that it is a differnt site.

Now, using Win2k3(server system) I've added verious roles to my server--- and have found my way around most every(I'm a normal Apache user, but I think I can handle IIS). Anywho, I have made this subdomain type thingy successfuly, but, it simply forwards to the same site as the primary one(my IP, or, locally, my computer's domain).

What I need to know:

I need to know how to setup my DNS server(perferably through the management console or w/e) to do the following:


Needs to read it's data(the web site) off of


What I've done so far, and anything information that may help anyone willing to assist me:

I've gone in my DNS server through 'Manage Your Server' and made a new Host named brent that goes to internal IP) and there is no option for a spasific(sp?) directory to read from... I'm using Windows Server 2003 Standard, any help would be apreshated(sp?), thank you.

Oh, also my computer is configed as:

Application Server
File Server
Mail Server(POP3, SMTP)
Domain Controller( for my small home network! lol)

Thanks again,

--RedHatCore(not an often linux user, but love the OS )
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