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Old 02-23-2011, 03:05 PM   #1
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Default need IP security help

hi guys im new here and need some help. i live in a house with 3 roommates and yesterday our landloard aka my dad called me with a big issue. paramaont pictures sent him a warning email about copyright infringment of one movie. My roommate downloaded the movie on his PC but it links back to my IP address??? We all share the same internet with the same router and i was wondering if we share the same IP??? And so this doesnt happen to me again i want to hide my IP or find the best method to having an un traceable PC. I have heard of ghosting an IP but dont know were i should get it or how it works. I do admit to downloading music time to time but not much more than anyone else really and just want to be safe. How can i have my PC un traceable?? Sorry about the poor grammer.

OH and i just noticed another post http://www.computerforums.org/networ...se-105112.html Yes they can trace it back to your house. they sent me a map with my house and said this is were the copyright infringment took place

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Default Re: need IP security help

Welcome to the site!

Downloading pirated items is not supported by CF. If you did receive a letter, then I would advise all in the house not to do so again as next, your internet will most likely be shut off by your ISP.

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Default Re: need IP security help

best advise.

don't pirate movies,

(no there is no (practical) way to hide your IP address).
you can do a lot of things to hide your address and making impractical to be found though...

using VPN/SSH tunnelling, using TOR networks (onion routing) etc.
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Default Re: need IP security help

You can also somewhat stop it too. You can turn off UpNp on your router, or block the ports that he is trying to transfer it over on.
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Default Re: need IP security help

thank you for this
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Default Re: need IP security help

Inside your network (IE: your house) you all have different private IP addresses, but as a whole you share the same public IP address once you go through your router to the internet, so yes they can trace you address to your house.

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