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Default Multiple Routers please help

I have no idea what to do and I have a CCNA which is sad.

My 4 port switch recently broke from a storm surge, and the only thing I have until my new one comes in the mail is a wireless router. Basically I can only connect to the internet when connected to the router acting as a switch. Whereas before I could connect on the other wireless router just fine.


Gateway(modem/router) -> Wireless router 1 ( using for switch) -> to a switch in my room -> to another wireless router 2.

The Gateway is configured for, the first wireless router will not allow me to set it to the same subnet for some reason, I can only connect to the internet if its on the .0. subnet. And there is NO internet on the second connection. I have tried everything, disabling DHCP, changing subnets, and toyed a little with the advance routing feature but have little knowledge on it and google has nothing on the, ( gateway or router mode ).

How can I set it up so that router one is used as a switch with wireless off, and router 2 is the DHCP server, wireless connection, and everything else?thanks !!

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Default Re: Multiple Routers please help

If it has an external antenna, you can just take it off which will stop it from broadcasting its signal (It might only broadcast it ~1-2 meters without an antenna).

For the subnet mask make it

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Default Re: Multiple Routers please help

If your modem is really a router (meaning it has either built in wireless or a 4 port switch) then it will act as the DHCP server. Did you configure it to use that IP address? If so change it to Then connect it to one of the numbered ports on the 1st router. It will need to have DHCP turned off. The subnet (as stated) should be You can set the IP to be Then to the switch and then to the last router.

This setup will only work if the modem is a router also. The problem is to share the internet you have to go from the modem into a router (into the WAN/Internet port specifcally). So you would need to set up the first router as the DHCP server and use it's WAN port (coming from the modem) and then connect the switch to a numbered port. You can still use the last routers wireless if it will act as an access point.
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