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Default modem<router<switch<wireless router not working

I am having problem on setting up the router 2 able to go online using my laptop. Com1 and com2 working prefect. Please check on the following pic for the hardware configuration.


I'm able to use laptop to configure router 2. So the wireless part is working fine. The issue is on the wire part. Seems to me the router 2 is not able to talk to router 1. I have tried about 2 hours and still can't figure this out. The following is my setting on the router 2 admin. This is the closest setting to success I think. Please anybody point me to what I'm missing. Thanks a lot.

On the basis setting page:

Automatically DHCP

Local IP address 192 168 0 55

DHCP disable (use router1 DHCP)

On Advance Routing

Set Router

That's it. Other setting using default. What seems to be missing? Thanks a lot.

I find the admin screen on other site. You can take a look if needed:


BTW, I think I need to tell router2 where is the gateway router1 is? If this is correct, where exact in admin I need to enter that information. I know it sounded lazy that I want you guys to tell me exactly where I input the number but I really tried out anything for about 2 hours. I even went out to brought a new router with bridge function for just in case. (D-Link Lady wireless N router) But I still really want to make it work and learn. If you ask me why not just use the new router with bridge function because I had made it work like this 2 years before but this time after reset I just can't make it work again that's why I really really want to solve this issue. If I could do it before, I still can do it now. I know I just miss something. thanks

I have tried to plug the cable into one of the 4 port switch. But still not working. I have no idea why.

It is linksys wrt54g.

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Default Re: modem<router<switch<wireless router not working

Why are you using a second router? A wireless access point would be much simpler.

This might help: How to set up 2 routers?
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