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Default At a loss: Wifi/Router issue

Hi all. Hopefully I can get this issue solved. It's driving me CRAZY!

I am having issues between my wifi router and my laptop. I have a Toshiba Satellite A305 and recently I had to have my wifi card replaced. Before I had it replaced I never had issues with connecting or staying connected. As of late I've noticed that I will randomly lose my signal to the linksys router (range plus). Oddly enough though, I'm still connected to the internet. When I open up my network and sharing center, It shows that I am indeed connected, but with limited access. I thought that an easy fix to this would be to disconnect and then reconnect. So I tried it. Unfortunately, after I disconnect from my router, my wifi will not show up as an available network. I only get a message saying that there are no available networks. I live in a secluded area so its normal that I'm the only network around. Initially I wondered if my network was just disappearing, although, I tried connecting to my wifi via my iPod touch and my Blackberry, and have had no problems what so ever, leading me to think it has something to do with my computer. Thus far the only way I've been able to remedy the situation is by restaring my laptop. I also tried turning my wifi switch off and then back on, but that did not work either.
So yesterday I took my laptop back to the place where I had my wifi card replaced. They told me that I had 90 traces of a virus which was preventing me from thoroughlly connecting to the internet. I got the laptop back at about 3pm today, and by 5pm I finally decided to open it and get it running to check it out. The same problem persists. I am able to use the internet at it's fullest potential for a short amount of time until the connection changes to limited connectivity. Initially I had wondered if it was my router that was having the issue. So I tried connecting to my network via my iPod touch and Blackberry. There were no problems connecting or staying connected. The only way I've been able to remedy the situation is by restaring the computer. I don't really know what to do at this point other than to take it back to the place where I had my wifi card replaced. Could this be a bad wifi card? Are my settings mixed up? I really don't have any clue at this point.
Anyone have any suggestions at this point?
Thanks in advance =]

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Default Re: At a loss: Wifi/Router issue

I'd try a few things before you take it back. First, make sure the correct driver is installed for your operating system. Second, move closer to the router and see if the issue remains. Third, delete your wirless profile and recreate it. Then if none of that helps, take it to somewhere else that has a wireless network and see if it will connect and stay connected there.
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