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Default Internet via LAN


I connected two computer in my home with each other using just cable (no routers or sth.). They are sharing files and Internet as well, but there's a little problem... The second computer uses Internet via LAN and it's top speed of connection is a half of the first one. Computer connected directly with modem works great in Internet, it reaches as much as it's possible on my internet connection. But the computer which uses LAN connection can't go faster than half of it. It seems to be limited by something... Do I have to buy a router? Or maybe there's a solution?

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Default Re: Internet via LAN

no, you don't have to buy a router, but it will help to bring the second computer up to the speed of the first computer...

(I assume you mean that the second computer seems slower than the first, or have you actually measured this?)

a router will balance the connection between the two PC's, that is to say it won't give you any more of less bandwidth, it'll just share it out better!

(i.e the PC that currently has the faster connection will seem to slow down, whilst the slower PC will seem to speed up).

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But the point is that I would like to have the same speed on both the computers - it should depend to download (for exaple, when the first computer downloads something, the speed of connection in second one slows down).

I don't want to buy router just for two computers at my home. Isn't it possible not to limit the speed on second computer? Why is it parted in this way: 100% of speed (first computer), 50% (second one)? I would like to have 100% also on second computer. Do you know how to do this (the best option: without buying a router)?
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