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Default Internet Connection Query

Hi guys, just a quickie wondering if anyone can point out if I have missed something out.

Basically, my dads old PC is upstairs, and he has been using it for 3-4 years. Used to run on AOL dial up, but has since (for about a year) run on wireless fairly smoothly. Connection is a bit of a nightmare to find, but once its located, remains fairly strong (says connection is at 54mbps, but acts at about 2-4MB's - pretty smooth)

Now the last few months, whenever he tries to watch streams, youtube etc it seems to be trying to revert back to the dial up connection.

Now im assuming (assuming) this is because the wireless was either cutting out or lagging a bit, so the old AOL software / network, tries to kick in. This is annoying (i've witnessed it first hand) as the dial up thing keeps popping up and trying to dial, and it takes a lot of cancelling to get rid of it.

On one instance of this I then had a little play. Gone into Control Panel > Internet Options and then took off the option to never dial a connection (it should be using the wireless network), I went into network connections and completely disabled the old AOL dial up network, and I also Ctrl Alt Del'd a few processes that were causing the dial up window to appear (or the ones i assumed were)

And now the internet loads everything slow. For example you go to load a game on it thats 6000KB to download and it takes a while (2minutes compared to 10 seconds before)

So I uninstalled all the old AOL stuff, reset the router, uninstalled and reisntalled the wireless router stuff, and its hasnt made a vast (slightly quicker, but not back to its old speed) difference, still slow at downloading, allthough when it has downloaded, the gaming and streaming is fine.

Havent checked for virus's etc as of yet, as it seemed fairly genuinely a connection / LAN propblem.

Anyone got any ideas ?

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Default Re: Internet Connection Query

I'd venture a guess that it's just the distance away from the router. Are you using the Wireless adapter's software to connect or are you letting Windows handle it? Depending on the software, sometimes Windows is better and sometimes the software is better, so you could try switching to whichever one you're not using. Also when you reset the router, did you just unplug it or did you actually use the hard reset button on the back (the one that puts it back to factory settings)? If you used the hard reset, make sure its configured properly.
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