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Default I need help after an IP changer screw up.

So I used a quick ip changer, and then it murdered my computer!!! I can't get on the Internet at all and it won't connect at all.

It was literally called: QuickIP changer

I used it once, and idk what it's done, but it won't work anymore.. Please give me some ideas.

Thanks in advance guys, I really appreciate it..

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Default Re: I need help after an IP changer screw up.

First uninstall the program.
Then go to Control Panel>Network Connections>and right click on your LAN connection and go to Properties>in the box in the middle of the Properties window scroll to the bottom and click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click the Properties button. In this windows there will be several options. One will be to have everything "automatic" and the other will allow you to manually enter in number (an IP address/Subnet Mask/DNS Server). You will need to know if you ISP requires an automatic configuration or if they require a Static (or manual) configuration. You can try setting everything to Automatic (you will need to do it in 2 places - IP address and DNS Server). If that doesn't work you may have to call your ISP and tell them that your settings go messed up and they can provide you with the proper ones.

PS. Don't use an IP changer if you don't know how to go back to your original settings....in fact you really don't need to use one at all....LOL

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Default Re: I need help after an IP changer screw up.

I just registered on the forum to help the guys out who will face the same problem in the future and because this is the first Google result if you search for this problem. I just had the same problem as OP, used an IP Changer and afterwards couldn't get access to the Internet. The whole procedure of the user "jmacavali" above might work but I found another, in my opinion much easier, strategy to solve this problem. Just use the system restore of Windows and restore your PC to a point where you hadn't used the IP Changer and after 5 minutes you will be able to access the internet again, like I am right now.

You can thank me later
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