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Default hmm my download usage is disappearing.wtf is happening!!!! please help

well ok this is whats happening. i used to use about 60mb a day when not downloading. and that was fine i have a 10gb usage. but now all of sudden this month it has started being 300mb a day. now i have changed a few things such as instead of hibernating when closing my laptop i just make it still stay on which leaves the internet connected. i have been playing miniclip games for a little bit of time a day and look at lots of pictures of cars and motorbikes.

please help with letting me know what is happening and wat i need to stop doin as i dont want to go over my limit as my speed is slowed and i get blasted by my dad.


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Default Re: hmm my download usage is disappearing.wtf is happening!!!! please help

Not 100% sure what you are exactally asking by "Download Usage" do you mean your bandwidth of your ISP?

I would like to fully understand what you are asking that way I can better help you with your problem. As I said I think you are refereing to your Bandwidth, and how much you are using per day according to your ISP.

This can be for a variety of different reasons.

1. Do you download any music or anything via P2P networks.

2. You said you play games at MiniClips, now each time you play there you have do download some of their game to your cookies and stuff to be able to run the game and each game will eat up a bit of useage.

3. You said looking at photos of cars, now usually a photo is either .jpeg or .bmp, the .jpeg are smaller and usually under 1mb a pice but the .bmp which is higer quality can be easily 2 or 3mb a piece. And Lets say if you look 100 photos a day of .jpeg that is about 50MB there. If it were 100 photos of .bmp thats 200-300mb there.

So from the limited amount of information you told me this would be a nice place to start and look. If you have more information please post it and I will be more than happy to look into it for you.

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