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Default Fraternity Wireless Network, Please Help

Hello fellow tech forum goers,

Alrite quick question, well not really quick, but a question nonetheless. I am in a Fraternity and we are looking to upgrade our wireless internet. As of right now we have a dinky Linksys G network router that is covering our entire 4 floor house. We have a DSL connection running into that. Recently we have been having a lot of trouble with speed and reliability and therefore they gave me money to upgrade the router.

What I am looking for is some suggestions for good routers, preferrably a N network router, that is around 100 dollars or less. The router must be backward compatible with B and G networks, but I want the N so that we are ready for future upgrades. Another question is, would everyone need to upgrade their wireless recievers on their laptops and desktops to pick up the N network? My guess is yes, but just want to clarify. Also what would be some cheap N receivers I could pick up.

Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Default Re: Fraternity Wireless Network, Please Help

How many users are going to be connecting wirelessly? Obviously the more people the slower its gonna be.

To receive wireless N your all gonna need to upgrade your receivers if they arent N compatable.

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Default Re: Fraternity Wireless Network, Please Help

Maybe add some signal boosters at various spots in the house. Get the signal booster antennae for the router and then get the seperate signal replicator/booster devices.
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