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Default extending range of wireless signal

I am helping out somebody I know setup a network. I got it all setup. The problem is where he wants to pick up the signal, he can't because he is inside a pole building(metal walls). He is only I would say 50 feet away from the router and pretty much a straight shot. I guess all that metal is causing interference. We have been looking at either buying some type of antenna or building or own. Do they make antennas that send out the signal 360 degrees? We looked at the super cantenna but that is omni directional.

Right now he has the Linksy Wireless N WRT150N router hooked up to a desktop and he is using a laptop with built in wireless g card. He might return that router and buy a wireless G router since wireless n is not finalized yet. Is that a smart idea? He may want to buy a different wireless n router like the WRT300N. Don't know yet. Is the WRT300N more powerful? He is going to use the WRT150N for right now. Now since the laptop has built in wireless g card, would buying a different card help out the signal strength inside the building? Is it possible to install a pci card on a laptop? It would be a hassle to have a usb, won't be as portable.

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Default Re: extending range of wireless signal

Now I had the same problem, I had an apartment inside a Pole Building with all the tin. And it wrecked havoc on the network. We did buy the signal boosters and antena, there are many different one out there. We were running on a G network, and we could get a fairly nice signal at about 100 feet, and the router was inside the building. I really believe it depends on the router antena signal stregth, not sure about the new N networks, as I always work with B and G networks. But the wireless card was on a Desktop with an antena on it. They make expansion slot Wireless Cards for laptops that you might look into as well.


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Default Re: extending range of wireless signal

well, either google: cantenna
or buy 2 cheapish routers, wireless g is fine, and use 1 as a repeater, or better yet just buy a repeater.
id personally choose the last option. although something like a cantenna and positioning the router perfectly is just a cheap and possibly very effective way if you have time to p**s about
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