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Default Connection Problem?


I've been having some difficulties with my wireless internet? Problem: Keep's losing connection randomly and takes about five or more minutes to restore the connection? What could be causing this?

I think that because the router is all the way in the basement behind several wall's it could be interfering with the connection but, im not sure so that's why im posting this thread to be sure that i've actually got the right information.

Thanks, Regards


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Default Re: Connection Problem?

Reset your router ( should be a reset button, or log into the router settings using information from your ISP. also try

ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns

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Default Re: Connection Problem?

^^ I seem to be posting posts after you all the time dark!

As above, resetting the router is a good one, and usually sorts problems. Try moving your Router closer to your Wireless Device (or Vica Versa) if possible. Also moving it away from other wireless devices (E.G you might be able to mount it higher on a wall or something if it's in your basement) may help.

Maybe a re-install / check for updates of any software that you are using to control your Wireless network if you are using any.

If you dont mind spending some money (and if your problem is still not resolved) You could look into a wireless repeater, or perhaps an antenna. Wireless repeaters aren't too badly priced now, and are available for most of the branded network companies.
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Default Re: Connection Problem?


Thanks for the advice, um How much would that Repeater cost or the antenna, btw I've changed the channel for my router its now 11, just wondering changing the channel what does it do?

Does it help with other wireless devices in the house?
OR does it help with other wireless connections interfering with one another?

Thanks, Mr.Fantastico
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Default Re: Connection Problem?

Changing the channel from the default (6) or auto helps keep you from sharing your channel. It is less likely that someone else's router in the area is on that channel and thus your connection doesn't need to take turns with them. Cause only one thing can talk on a wireless channel. Its like a wireless hub almost. The repeater could add delay to the connection. I think a better maybe a focused antenna would work well.
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