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Default Cable Help

Hey all, new to the boards but just desperately need some help. My plan was to fix up my dad's old (2000-ish Gateway) for my sister so she could have her own computer. It has Windows Millenium, but it would serve it's purpose until she's moved away from home and needs an upgrade for college. My mom has a newer Dell with XP and everything, I'm just trying to make it where they can each have their own computer.

So the first thing I figured I needed to do was get a Network Card, as the Gateway was only configured to Dial-Up. So I get that done and installed. Now I just don't know where to go from here. How do I set up so the computer knows it has ethernet capabilities? Or is there a way? I hope that's not too confusing. I was hoping that it'd just be plug and play, and it would just recognize the ethernet cable and start me up with some cable internet, but not the case.

Any help would be very appreciated.


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Default Re: Cable Help

Ok once you got the network cards installed you are going to have to buy a network switch, hub, or router. Being that you plan on getting cable internet I would reccoemnd the router. Connect all your computers you want networked to the router and they should talk together.

Ryan M
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Default Re: Cable Help

I've already got the router, and tried hooking the old computer straight up through the router, as I'm one ethernet cable short at the moment. I figured just hooking it straight up through the cable modem and everything it would work. Is that not the case?
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Default Re: Cable Help

Just want to let you know that whenever you change/add a network device (router, computer, etc) from the cable modem, you must unplug the modem for at least a minute then replug. This will allow the modem to register the new network device (router, computer, etc.) Otherwise the internet will not work.
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