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Question AC Routers

Hi guys,

I am looking to purchase a new router for my house. Currently I am using the Super Hub 2 from Virgin Media, however, I am wanting to purchase a new router so as I can use WakeLAN in order to wake my PC at home from work.

Unfortunatly our SH2 is installed downstairs and I am wanting to purchase the new router, install the router upstairs, and run the SH2 in modem mode so as it acts as the cable modem which feeds the internet access to the new router.

I really want to run Ethernet cable upstairs somehow to connect the SH2 with the new router. However, because my parents won't want me to do this, I was considering doing it over the powerlines.

My question is this, will I loose connection quality/speed by using the Ethernet over powerline solution? or will it be okay?

The house was rewired in 1995.

Any questions quote me in your post and I will get back to you. Thanks.

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Default Re: AC Routers

We are using powerline adapters in our house. They work OK but there is a bit of a performance loss and ping times are significantly higher.

My suggestion is to buy some to try and if they don't work well for you, return them.

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Default Re: AC Routers

In my experience your connection with powerline adapters will really vary based on location. I have experimented with them in my house and my connection speed varied greatly depending on what outlet I plugged them in to. Depending on your results with the powerline, you might be better off using a repeater upstairs. But you probably won't know until you try the adapters.
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Default Re: AC Routers

You could also get a flat planar antenna and aim it at the router downstairs. The db gain on a flat planar is more than enough to talk both ways through several walls.
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