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Default Intel Skylake Non-K OC KOed by ASRock

There has been talk about Intel pushing motherboard vendors to remove the overclocking of non-K Skylake processor capabilities from their feature lists. Now we have seen the first evidence of this pressure, as ASRock's previously proud as a pimple SKY OC feature has been unceremoniously popped in a BIOS update that appeared yesterday.
I have never been impressed by Asrok or the products they make, they are cheaper, like AMD, but I am still not on board the train to buy what they sell.

Anyone here overclocking non-k skylakes yet? Any interest in ever trying such a thing?

If I was going to do an overclock, I would buy a board that is designed for it as well as a cpu and a gpu that are also designed specifically for the OC market.
As it is, I have not done any overclocking in years and see no need to anymore because the differences are nominal imo.

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Default Re: Intel Skylake Non-K OC KOed by ASRock

Yeah, it's a dick move from Intel. Disappointing.

I haven't OC'ed a non K CPU. But i have overclocked some CPU's with locked multipliers before all of the K and non K was introduced by intel. I don't believe it's any different from overclocking one of those CPU's.
Like my old I7-920 (The first CPU i overclocked). As i understand non K's should overclock similar by increasing the blck.
Correct me if i am wrong.
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