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Default Ow do

How is everyone, alrite?

Registerd on here just to come and chunter about computers abit lol!

I've built and mended PC's on and off for about the last 8 years and spend most of my spare time on my trusty old i3 Vaio and a hashed together Dell desktop witch is powerd by steam and has coggs inside it lol! I've just thrown it together out of bits and bobs from various places, it does the job for work. I use the dell hooked up to my Samsung 42" and just sit on the sofa with it, better than sitting at a desk when your doing acounts for hours on end. I use it for media abit as well DVD's and the such like.

I lost interest in games afew years back but used to be really in to strategy games. I keep meaning to see if theres any good ones out now, but I might have problems running them with the computers ive got. I bett rather than gods eye view theyv moved more on to 1st person view (think you would call it that) I left off when black and white came out, that was the last one I plaid.

Stuff like Red Alert 2, Age Of Empires, Total Anihilation was awesome as well, used to be really in to that. Me and a friend used to play each other over lan, when lan and network gaming had just come about canny while ago now like! That was back in the day of Worms 2 and when CD-Rom drives were an amazing new thing I remember buying a Sound Blaster live upgrade package with a cd-rom drive and sound card in it lol! that was when joy sticks used to plug in to the sound card... lol! joysticks, where did they go... the same place Microsoft flight simulator did haha

I used to be really into counter strike as well when that was dead popular the first time around, when half life had just come out.

I'm a masters paint sprayer in the automotive trade, and work for myself. I like to paint other things besides cars though, I've done afew PC cases for people (I'ed do them on here if anyone would be interested? dont know just a passing thought) I paint anything really, drums and guitars as well. I helped a friend build a PC that was inside an old arcade game cabinate, that was fun. I painted all that up.

The only thing I'm involved with now when it comes to computers though (other than just daily internet surfing) Is PC's in my cars. I've had a PC in my daily driver (Passat 4 Motion) for awhile now, but I've just started thinking about another two, one for my work van and I've been restoring a Ford Capri for the last 2 years and I'm nearly at the stage where I'm thinking about what cool stuff I could do in the Capri with one, and I've had some pritty cool ideas, if anyones interested I'll go on and elaborate, but I dunno. Think I've chunterd enough here already haha

Anyways, thanks for reading and that, have a good weekend.

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Welcome to CF, Well you have done a range of things..

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Default Re: Ow do

Hi Floop welcome to Computerforums hon
Core i7 3770K, Gigabyte GA-Z77P-D3, Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO, Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR3, ASUS GeForce GTX 650 Ti, Corsair Series CX750w, Intel 320 Series SSD, WD Caviar Black 1TB, Pioneer BDR-207DBK 12x Blu Ray/DVD, Black Night Case, Saitek & Razer, Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64, ZA Antivirus + Firewall
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Default Re: Ow do

I like a challenge

Cheers for the warm welcome

I've found with a PC in a car the possibilities really are endless.

I've come to a point now though where I need to learn how to make a couple of small stand alone interfaces for windows to make afew things more user friendly and easy to use while driving and using the touch screen.

The first one is an interface to sit on the desktop with some sliders on it I can use to adjust my heater settings, Its done with servos moving the heater cables behind the dash, but its the user interface thats the problem.
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