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Default Hello, all to you

Hello, and nice to see everybody on here. It is a wonderful privilege to be here, seeing as I'm a huge fan myself when it comes to computing and gaming, likewise for most people here too. Like, previously on other forums there was a section on politics and if anybody knew me, they would've first commented by saying how much I love my politics or how much I know from it. Trust me, I've met some whackos in the past, especially political extremists, but let's just stop it from there. I don't wanna be turning this into a political group, not what is first originally intended for computing forum room.

Going back to the main purpose of being here, ah, yes, computers. I love my computers. Well, although I haven't actually fully introduced myself yet, but instead went on a ramble, I will now present myself. Well, where to get started, I'm 18 years old, male from London, South London to be exact. Been living there for my whole life, bit dull once used to it, but for any newcomer to England you may enjoy it. By the age of 4 I've been exceptionally renown for liking my computer systems. It didn't take me long to fully learn the basics and then when I got a certain age I started going pass the intermediate side of the PC, plus first time browsing the web. Now fully in my teens I have gone into college to study level 1 I.T BLEC diploma, never completed as I had a little step back in life that needed to be taken care of. But now remapping my thoughts I've come to the conclusion of going back in and finishing off level 1 and progressing to level 2 where you get to know the practical side of the computer (practitioner).

Well, you see, talking about the practical side of it. I've come to a point of interest now, and I think I might just do it. So, I'm thinking of building my own computer system for the main reason of entertainment, gaming, video editing, etc But seeing this isn't the section to discuss this matter I'll talk about it somewhere else fully to you guys, so perhaps you kind old chaps can answer a few of my questions, because I'm looking for is some answers that's all. I guess that is all to say, you guys now take care.

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Default Re: Hello, all to you


I am also a new member here....
I hope for my positive approach and participation here...

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Default Re: Hello, all to you

Welcome to you both. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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Default Re: Hello, all to you

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