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Default Chirkware

Hello, I'm Chirkware...new to this site, but not to PC's. Been tinkering with PC's since 4Mb RAM was a lot! I've been at it professionally for 12 years now.

Got started when a bunch of old computers (we're talking 8088's, 286's, and some 386's) got donated to the school my mother was an aid at. No one knew what to do with them, and no one seemed to be volunteering, so she and I started trying to get them up and running. Finally started loading IBM DOS 5.0 (using a SINGLE 1.44Mb floppy I customized) and Word Perfect 5.1. LOL...good times!

Now I Administer a VM Ware environment with four hosts that have dual 12-core Opteron processors and 128GB RAM each. LOL...VERY good times!

"Chirkware" comes from a nickname(Chirk) a teacher gave me in high school (this was 20+ years ago), adding "ware" to indicate my imaginary computer hardware brand...Chirkware.

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Default Re: Chirkware

Welcome Aboard!

"as a fanboy i refuse to admit it and will pull countless things out of my butt to disprove it"

Team Thelegorm! Total Kills: 21 (i iz in uor profile, editsing your sigz)
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Default Re: Chirkware

:O Wow. Nice introduction. 10 years for me (not professionally, though, sadly, although I damn well should be, by now! Life has sorta kicked me down too many times, so it's more of a hobby and sometimes a way to make some cash here and there, as well as help out friends/family) My first Windows rig had 64MB SD-RAM... and those were good times, but before that I had an Acorn, and before that an Amstrad; those were good days, too! Ah, man, I miss that Acorn, I got into BASIC a tiny bit back then, but sadly I sucked at it. HTML and DOS are about the only languages I can be bothered with, and more importantly, that interest me. :P I think I might see if I can run a virtual Acorn OS on my system; that'd be so kewl! That Acorn machine I had, was sat in the loft for several years, and was probably worth HEAPS, but, this I didn't know, and sold it for 40 I believe it was. If I only I had kept a hold of that gem. The first computer I ever used was at primary school, and that was an Acorn. :|

Anyway.. I digress.. WELCOME TO THE SITE!
My rig's specifications can be found here:
Yes, I'm New...
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