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Default SATA III connections... connect to what...?

Hello everyone.

I am new to the forum and new to the PC world. I am currently buying all the components to do my 1st PC build.
My PC will be used mainly for basic home use. Primarily store home pics/vids and music.

I currently am not a gamer, but do intend to play some gaming In the future. Hoever I do not anticipate being a hardcore gamer.

I am building my PC as future proof as possible. I am buying components that are more then adequate for my needs. But that's the fun of building.


I have a question about SATA III connections.
I recently purchased a Corsair PSU. I don't have it in front of me, but I believe it is a CX750 and has 6 SATA III connections.
SATA III connections connect into.... (please correct me if I'm wrong)
1: my SSD
2. my HDD (I do intend to run a raid o HDD). Si with 2 HDDs in RAID O, that requires 2 SATA III connections?
3. MY optical drive. (If I choose to go with an internal).
4. My card read ( If I go with an internal )

Does a SATA III connections plug into my liquid cooling unit? I am looking into going with a Corsair 100i? Or does that plug into my MOBO?
Does my graphics card plug into a SATA III connections? Or does that plug into my MOBO
Case fans and internal fans: My case has an exhaust and 2 intake fans. I do intend to add some HDD fans. What do all the fans connect into?

Thanks for reading and helping.

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Default Re: SATA III connections... connect to what...?

Your PSU doesn't have a SATA3 connector. It has SATA power connectors.
Usually there is 3 or 4 SATA "plugs" (if that's the right way to say it) on one single cable.
So it's no problem giving your devices power.

You are properly gonna use one single cable to both the SSD and your 2 HDD's in raid.
Kinda like this: (don't mind the tape and the fact that it's only SSD's, It's gonna apply to HDD's as well, it was simply the best picture i could find in a hurry)

Please don't buy an internal DVD drive. Why would you? are you using it very often? If not, buy an external one.
DVD's are getting more outdated by each passing day.

No the card reader is most likely gonna use 4pin Molax. That calbe is also included with your PSU

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Ohh and the fans (if you are not old school that is) connects to your motherboard or a fan controller or hub.
That goes for your liquid cooler as well.
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