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Default Printer recommendations

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good reliable economical all-in-one printer please.

I don't do a great deal of printing really but do want something that is reliable and where the cartridges don't cost the earth.

Ideally priced under £100 if possible please.

Many thanks in advance of any input.

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Default Re: Printer recommendations

If color or photo printing isn't required, I recommend a monochrome laser printer. Best thing I ever did was dump ink jet printers completely.

It seems like toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartridges but the per page cost of printing is actually less with a laser printer.

Since you value reliability, a laser is better in this regard as well. Inkjets have a tendency to clog their print heads when not used regularly, lasers don't suffer the same issues.

I recommend something like this: https://www.officedepot.com/a/produc...0aAg7xEALw_wcB

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Default Re: Printer recommendations

What he said.
You get An inkjet, $50 printer, $20 per refill for 300 pages,
(3000 pages $250)
Or laser printer. $100 for the printer + $100 for a 5000 page capacity cartridge or something. (3000 page cost) less than $200.

Laser jets dry out whilst you are not using them, so if you don't print a lot you're going to waste time (and ink) on cleaning pages...

I got a Colour laser (Xerox work centre) all in one. With wireless, USB, and USB host slot for media, £120 (uk) for their printer. Copy/off brand black cartridges (£20uk each) 3000 capacity black.
1000 capacity colours at £15uk a throw. (Xerox ones are £60/45 for the same IIRC)

I've put about three boxes of paper through it so far (7500 sheets) and it is still going great.
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Default Re: Printer recommendations

Epson Epson and oh yeah Epson. You can pick up a dirt cheap one in Argos. I have been using cheap Epson printers for years. They do break down eventually but so do every other make. I also get cheap cheap cartridges of Ebay. I think I'm paying around £12 for 6 sets or something daft like that. And no I haven't any problems with clone cartridges either. The secret to keep any printer working is to use it. For something a little over a hundred quid you can get an singing all dancing double side printing and everything else printer but the cheapo all in ones are good. The page cost is a bit higher than a laser and a laser is much faster but as I say Epson from Argos or Ebay or where ever.
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Old 11-28-2017, 05:06 AM   #5
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Default Re: Printer recommendations

Thank you chaps. Going out tomorrow to see what I can pick up.

I've had a laser printer in the past, many many years ago and I do remember it being pretty good. I was printing a lot more then though when I was in business. Now that I'm a grey haired old wrinkley I mostly print etickets for holidays and stuff for the snooker club. I do a lot of scanning these days, copying receipts etc so that I can get rid of the paper.
I think that an inkjet will do me, I've been using an hp psc 1317 for quite a while but it's playing up now. This printer is of the two ink-cartridge type, does anyone know if such a printer is still available? Everything I am looking at at the moment has a minimum of four cartridges. It would be nice if I could find one that will still run on one cartridge if the other is empty, or is this just a dream!
Thanks again for your thoughts.
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