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Default New CPU setup HELP! PLZ

Hey, I am looking to purchase a new computer that will not be my main Computer. This computer is going to be connected to a stereo which I have downstairs. I wish also to purchase a touchscreen LCD monitor in which I will mount on the wall. I have rip'ed all of my cd's onto a 250 gig hard drive in which I will be putting in this machine. I just want to turn on the computer and I guess just always have windows media player opento the library, and all we will have to do is touch the song we want on the touchscreen, and it will play...
I need help with 3 things:
1) What do I look for when buying a touchscreen monitor?
-What is the difference between AccuTouch, Capacitive, IntelliTouch, and Resistive?
-What is a good brand or monitor that I should get? I just want a small 15'' flatscreen touchscreen that I can hang on the wall.
2) For my project that I am doing, is it all right to just get a really cheap dell computer, and then put my already filled music hard drive into this machine?
-I am connecting this computer to a VERY nice stereo system, and I do want very good quality sound. Does processor speed matter? What sound card should I be looking at, or is a cheap $25 sound card with a simple line out fine? Remember that I want good sound quality.
3) For my situation should I just use windows XP, or should I get Windows Media Center Edition.


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Default Re: New CPU setup HELP! PLZ

stuff like processor speed etc won't matter. The only hardware that will matter is the sound card. U could try just using the onboard one, if it's not good enough then get a nice soundcard. If u are not satisfied with the quality of the onboard sound then most likely the cheapest sound card available won't make u happy either.

Any OS will do, if u don't have a copy of windows that u can use then I'd suggest going with linux or some other free OS. Since u are not using anything but the media player I wouldn't spend a few hundred $ just for the OS.
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