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Default Help with Upgrade PC for CGI production

Hi all, i was wondering if anyone could offer advice on upgrading my system from what i have now to something which will allow me to work faster and with less problems, on my university degree in CGI modeling and animation.
I use 3D studio max and Mudbox programs alot and a fast reaction speed for these programs is what im after. Along with good rendering for productions and images.

When it comes to hardware, im a bit of a novice, so bear with me

What i have now is:
Amd Phenom 9550 Quad core (running at a measly 2.2 ghz)
6GB ram (available 4.6GB? Whats all that about? :S) DDR2
560Gig harddrive, but dont worry i have a external 1 terabite one too.
Nvidia GeForce 9500 GS 512mb...
Acer Motherboard RS780HVF

So im happy with the harddrive. Storage space isnt an issue.
Happy enough with the ram, could do with getting 8gb (well i have 8 gb actually but i dont have enough of those slots to put them all in <.<)

The main things i want to upgrade is the graphics card, my programs work perticularly well with the nividia card drivers (or something) more compatable, more options in interfaces etc etc. So im after an Nvidia card.
I was thinking to get a GeForce GTX 480? at 712mb. This a good idea? Could i get a better one? Budget is about 150-200

I also wanted to upgrade the processor to a AMD phenom hex core 3.3ghz. I think i can pick one up for about 160. Problems is, folks are saying id need a new motherboard... which breeds new problems... like the DDR2 ram i have ... will this mess up my files and such?
At this point i get lost

Any help, reccomendations, advice on compatability etc would be great.
For the upgrade i wasnt really wanting so spend over 400 *shrug*

Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Help with Upgrade PC for CGI production

The GTX 480 will probably start to bottle neck with the ddr2. Also, if you have 6GB of ram installed, you can only use all of it if you have a 64bit operating system. The 6 core AMD3 processors are reverse compatible with certain ddr2 setups. So, you may luck out. You may want to call acer and ask for the cpu support list.

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Default Re: Help with Upgrade PC for CGI production

Hi Atari,
Thanks for the heads up. I forgot to mention im running on 64 bit so no probs there. Still not sure why ram isnt getting its full use tho :S maybe i didnt do some configuring or something. Plug and play is much easier...

Ill look for a number on the website then. Cheers
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