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Default Gateway 838GM..upgrading

First i have no clue as to what i am doing, i know just enough but the insides of the computer leave me a bit clueless,hope someone might be able to let meknow if i am going in the right direction. And if i posted this wrong i am very sorry, never done this before.

I have a gateway 838GM

microsoft windows xp
media center edition
version 2002
service pack 3

pentium(R) 4cpu 3.00GHz
3.00GHz. 504MB of RAM

model gateway 838GM
S/no XAB5A|10 08264

that is all i got off the computer.

I am trying to fix this up so i can play wow (world of warcraft) (the first i am good with)

I dont have a budget but i am trying to stay on the cheap side i dont have a lot to spend and buying new is not really an option right now, i was told i could fix this up sorta on the cheap side. so i am trying to figure out what i need what the prices will be and go from there, someone also said maybe going the route of a new motherboard and i am guessing i would need to buy a bunch of other parts new so if i have to go that way i am trying to see what the prices would be that way to if i had to go that way and it was still cheaper then buying new.

so far i have found this for the rams to put in 4 GB Newegg.com - TOPRAM 1GB 1G DDR 400MHz PC3200 DDR400 184 pin Desktop PC Memory DIMM RAM just not 100% sure i am right i feel 90% sure.

i understand this Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz needs to be updated.
i know it recommends Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.6 GHz...i am unsure on this from looking around it looks like the AMD athlon is the one i want but again i am not sure.

and i understand the video card needs updating. unsure of what one.

not sure what else after all that needs fixing what else would need it?

any thoughts?
will this work fixing it?
will it borth it?
would you fix it if you could instead of buying new?

any help would be great as i am a bit lost and confussed all the parts sorta look alike lol.

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