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Question Dedicated Servers

Hey guys.

I don't know if this is in the right place, but here goes...

When I play games online, sometimes I notice that some of the servers are on all the time. They have the same name, and they mostly are called "dedicated" servers. I've also read things in the game instruction manuals saying things about dedicated servers... But I don't know exactly what they are besides that they are on all of the time. Far Cry actually has two multi-player hosting system requirements... The dedicated server requirements are somewhat (just a little bit) less than the non-dedicated server requirements... I'm just wondering why? And how could I make a dedicated server for a game (I'm just wondering again; just to see if I could)?

Thanks! (If this is in the wrong place, then I'm sorry...)


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Default Re: Dedicated Servers

I'm not much of a gammer, but I'm pretty sure I know what one is ;P

Basically, it's just a computer made to run a multiplayer version of the game. Obviously, it doesn't need a good video card or anything like that as it tipically dosn't even show the game. I guess it's just a router, in a way, where all the game info goes and then is sent back to the gamming machines.

Ugh...not sure if that's as clear as I wanted...

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a dedicated server is just a PC that is DEDICATED to running all the game information all the multiplayer people, it has a large advantage over a listen server (a server that is being run a on a computer that is playing the game) because it doesnt need to do two things at once. now you cant actually see the people playing from a dedicated server, you just get an activity window that tells you who's in the game, and there score, and you can do various things such as kick bad people, and chat with the gamers.
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Default Re: Dedicated Servers

Oh... I see. Thanks! Basically, that means I can't be a dedicated server... Though, hopefully, I'm getting a rather old, but still good computer, and maybe I can do something with that.

Thanks again guys.
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