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Default black monitor problem

well i made my first computer and i started out with XP on it and it was working great, so a few weeks later i put windows 7 on it and i now cant get my monitor, or my video card, or both (i dont know) to work.

i've got an ati radeon HD 5500 series graphics card
running windows 7 32 bit
and my monitor is a very old P.O.S. (suspected culprit)

what happened was i installed windows 7 and it said i needed to update my graphics card, so naturally i did, and when my computer told me to reboot to finish the installation i pressed ok. when the system turned back on i got the loading screen with the windows logo and the little loading thing at the bottom, then my monitor shuts off.

i've tried updating and downgrading my graphics card drivers and neither one of them do the trick.

on XP i was using version 7.4 of my graphics card but for windows 7 32 bit the earliest is 8.6

is my problem just that my monitors to old to work with my graphics card?
let me know if there's anything i can do to try and fix this.

(for anyone wondering what a P.O.S monitor is, its a joke. it stand for Piece of ****)

***edit: i just realized something...on my driver list it says ati radeon HD 5500, but i bought an ati radeon HD 5570, any thoughts on that? is it because im not fully updated?

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Default Re: black monitor problem

How are you upgrading or downgrading your drivers if you can't see anything on the screen? Clarify?

The other possibility is that the system is using a refresh rate that the monitor can't support, so you can try tapping F8 on startup and choosing "VGA Mode" and seeing what happens. But if you can't even see the BIOS prompts or the Windows flag loader, then it's possible that the monitor is dead. Trying the system on another monitor would be the best option, if you have that option available to you.

The Radeon HD 5500 and 5570 use the same unified driver package from AMD, so it's a non issue.

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Default Re: black monitor problem

to tell you the truth, i have no idea.
my motherboard doesnt have an on board graphics card and yet if i start my computer in safe mode i can get into my computer...thats how i disabled my graphics card.
i tried the VGA mode and still the same results, but i did try using a newer monitor and everything worked fine. but the computer i borrowed that monitor from is used by the rest of my family so i cant just take it.
guess i gotta but a new one.
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