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Default AM2+ / 1066Mhz ram question.

(Due to AMD CPU limitation, DDR2 1066 is supported by AM2+/AM3 CPU for one DIMM per channel only)

I have this board.
Asus M4A78 - Pro

My ram,
OCZ 1066 DDR2

Proc: AMD Phenom II 940 '3.0Ghz'

What what it states about CPU limitation, would my ram work most efficently at 1066Mhz, with one stick in one channel (black), and the other stick, in the other channel (yellow), or would they work together better if they were each in the black Channel?

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Default Re: AM2+ / 1066Mhz ram question.

Ive also asked myself this question. but it states to only use one DIMM per channel... channel means the different color slots right? Ive been wanting to know for a while.

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Default Re: AM2+ / 1066Mhz ram question.

What it means is that it will not run at 1066 in dual channel. you will have to run it at 800mhz in dual channel or you can run it in single channel with each stick in a different channel. I would recommend running them both in the same channel at 800mhz.

It will work most effectively at 1066mhz or lower. When they rate the memory at a certain mhz it is because that was the safest setting they could push that particular ram too. In other words it is just like a CPU where sometimes you can OC it way over what it is rated for but when they tested them they found that certain frequency to be the safest to run it at at all times. By running it lower than 1066 mhz it is not going to effect the ram at all but yea you will be losing some of the speed. It will still run as effectively at either speed just not as fast.
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