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Arrow PSU question, about Wattage and Amperage


Recently I bought better video card which could give more performance, than previous one, but I noticed that this better card requires more Wattage, my previous was Gigabyte GT 430 2GB GDDR3 128Bit, which request 400 Watt my current PSU is 400 W, so everything was good (no crashes, no blue screens), till I replaced my card in to ATI Radeon HD 5830 1GB GDDR5 256Bit which requires 500 W, now I have problems with crashes, not loading, blue screens.
Than I tried play video games with ATI Radeon 5830 i used my old Gembird 600W psu from older PC, gaming was not problemic but I noticed processor heating (from 80 to 102 celsius) and If I still play It crashes after 15 minutes.. I have experienced three crashes with 600 W PSU, 3rd time was "death" for that 600W PSU (I think so), because than I attached older (400 W) all is just fine now, no damage for motherboard and everything else, only 600 W PSU died, I also opened and checked, - no burns no sighs of dead capacitors, transistors looks good too, everything like new. Even pawl is not burnt. I think it because of heating, one small unusual part died and that psu no longer shows any live signs. Well I am not going waste a time to search which exact part died.
Now I need help to find a proper, as I am not experienced enough on PSUs. Maybe PSU death was just a luck =) next inexperienced time may cause motherboard, hard drive, and everything else burn.
The final and main question is - before I place psu in to my machine what parameters I should notice, what could cause hardware damage, crashes, not enough resources, does Wattage and Amperage may cause serious hardware damage?

My system information:

Processor: AMD Athlon x2 64 5200+ 2,7Ghz (standart clock)
Motherboard: GA-M61PME-S2
RAM: 3Gb DDR2 800Mhz

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Default Re: PSU question, about Wattage and Amperage

I read a bit about your graphics card and it says you need atleast a 500w psu to run it. I'm not too sure for your mobo and Cpu. To check for damage, is you're really worried then what I would do is just look everything over first, then unplus everything from your mobo and plug one thing in, test it, unplug, plug another thing in, rinse and repeat. What I like to do is buy an extra big Psu just for expansion. I currently have a 650w when all I really need is a 550w. I hope I helped and enjoy your computing.

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Default Re: PSU question, about Wattage and Amperage

This topic was posted nearly 2 years ago!
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