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Default WOW FPS issue and processing problem

Ok so I have a problem, Before I forget this is my Computer info:
Intel Core i7 920 2.67 2.67 GHZ
Windows 7 64bit
ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series

Now to the problem
When I launch World of warcraft everything seems fine and I play fine for the first few seconds. Then my FPS drops down from 60 to anywhere from 14-20 which is first of all very weird because I always used to run the game on Ultra settings at 50-60 FPS.
Nothing runs in the background, at least nothing that could actually have any real impact on my FPS. I have stuff in running in the background like Chrome, Notepad or sometimes Photoshop. None of which ever used to make any difference so I doubt this it the problem.
I have then realized that I have turned Crossfire on on my graphics card.
Could this really have that much of an impact? I remember running it on crossfire before and everything was fine now when i turn it off it plays fine.

My computer has recently been exposed to a very high number of dust as we just moved houses and we are smoothing the walls and taking down the floors to replace them with new ones. Literally everything is covered with a thick coat of dust.
I am planning to clean it inside out when I move into my room once its done and clean.
Could this have anything to do with that performance drop? I will run a passmark performance test when i get my full internet connection and not this crappy one I have right now. (I played fine on this connection until now so its not the issue either).

Processing issue:
Just out of interest I ran a norton scan to see if that FPS drop in wow wasnt a job of some sort of a virus or a hacker. I know that norton takes a FU** load of RAM and processing power.
I then checked the performance of my PC in the task manager but the processor showed that only 5% of the processor is being used. RAM on the other hand was half filled (3GB) even now when Im playing WOW int he background its 2.5 but it was 3GB then. Is norton really doing that much to my PC?
Why is my processor doing so little work but my PC lags when playing and scanning at the same time? Im pretty sure a 1.5 thousand pound PC should be able to handle it.

Well thanks for sticking around for this long Also thanks if you have helped me in any way.
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