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Default Wireless Security

mmmm wireless...
I am a wirless freak now, Im attending school in Buffalo NY and I though I would dissucs the importance of Wireless security.
The point is, use it! christ
so many people think they can just plug in a router and they are set to go...I have to say I love people like that, nothing like pay $0.00 for high speed internet. In fact im useing someones wirless connection right now.

Wep and Weep
Wep is great for an idiot but can it secure your network? NO!
Everything new has it's flaws, take Windows XP for example...ha ha ha anyway, if your buying a router make sure it has WPA and not WEP. WEP's major flaw is how it advertises the key so beautifuly, and its lowsy 64 bit encryption so easly cracked. Even if you use all mighty 128 biit encryption WEP is still easaly defeated.

I have had only a few people disagree with me on WPA's security but one thing everyone agrees on is its a hell of alot stronger than WEP.

If you diside to not use any security at least password your router!!!!!! I can't tell you how many un passworded routers I have found while wardriveing, they router im connected to right donst have a password.

Because of the ignorance of the people down the street, I have been useing their high speed internet for 3 months. I,m running six mechines in my apartment a FTP server, my Linux Box, fileserver, laptop,proxy server and of course I have one spare place for a computer I have to update for someone.

of course everything on my end is all wired, all I needed was a Wirless usb adapter that sits in my windows. From there it runs into the proxy server, which shares the internet to my network.

Of course the proxy server is useing static IP so I don't even show up on the router...they have no clue I'm there.

I as of right now still do not trust wirless, but if forced to use it, I would make use it was useing WPA and atleast password my router.

So if your useing wireless, please don't be an idiot, someone could be piggy backing off of you as we speak...

By the way, my other access point I use if this one goes down, uses WEP...but yet...it hasnt stoped me.

Happy Computing
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