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Default Virus Scanning Tips

I thought of some tips that might help some people when scanning your computer for viruses and spyware.

1. Try to scan in Safe Mode, as this will allow certain files to be deleted that you would not be able to in normal mode (NOTE: some of these files may be system files. DO NOT DELETE THEM MANUALLY!) Also, it can speed up the scan because most of the unneeded processes will not be opened, making less bog down.
2. If possible, run more than one scanner. Do not run them at the same time though, because this can be dangerous.
3. Don't be doing other things while the scans are going on. This can slow down the scan, and make things unaccessable to the scanner.
4. Before removing a file, google it. The more information you find on it, the better. You can also find better (proper) ways of removing it.
5. Do not try using removers from the virus maker's website. These can cost money, and possible give you another virus (or not get rid of the old one)

That is really all i can think of right now. If you want, you can post more here.

(MODS: If you think this is useless, feel free to remove it. Just trying to help.)

Website/Blog: https://lhamil64.wordpress.com
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Default Re: Virus Scanning Tips

yes and use more than 1 software as well...keep 1 or 2 running in your processes so they can both try to find things coming into your computer...if one misses the virus or w/e the other might be able to catch it..if not...thats why we have scans!
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