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Default Is it "Technicly" possible to "Hack" a xbl account

Now when I say Technically, I disclude phishing, keylogging, bruteforcing, etc.

What I am saying is, When someone says "My xbl account was hacked" are thoes the only ways.

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Default Re: Is it "Technicly" possible to "Hack" a xbl account

The is always social engineering.

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Default Re: Is it "Technicly" possible to "Hack" a xbl account

Are you asking if there's some sort of security flaw out there that enables people to easily find another user's password?

Well, I've no idea in this specific situation but the answer is probably the same as it is for all the common online services out there:

- Some will be more secure than others
- There's probably some flaws out there that have been undiscovered that would allow passwords to be found
- Those flaws are probably rather complex in nature and if they're found at all, will most likely be found / fixed by a staff member long before anyone else will
- If someone outside DOES find them, chances are he's a skilled programmer / security consultant that would be much more interested in reporting the problem so it gets fixed than going around finding out everyone's passwords.
- Very occasionally unpatched flaws do get published and found, but you have to know where to look and such flaws will usually not be open for very long at all, and will most likely be rather difficult to execute.

That pretty much sums it up for hotmail, facebook, bebo and most other popular online / networked services out there.
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