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Default So, you think you have a Virus

So, you think you have a Virus?

There have been a lot of posts lately and people are asking for help because they think they have a virus so I thought I would create a post advising of free virus protection and how to keep on top of viruses.

The best way to remove a virus is a virus program these programs can cost a lot of money and there are loads to choose from but I feel the best free virus scanner that should do the job is AVG Free Edition where you can find at:


The above link will take you to the download page so all you need to do is download the program. Once you have got the program on your computer install it and donít forget to protect your self from the newest viruses and update the damn thing, in fact as soon as you have installed it update it! Ö Easy.

Now just run the full system scan, sit back and relax. Watch AVG look for your nastiest and display them in nice red text.

If you have the money to spend on a virus scanner such as Symantec Norton Anti-Virus the virus scanner I have see:

Now that you have got all those viruses off your computer its important that you donít forget to keep scanning your computer. If you are a hardcore computer user I suggest you scan once a week. Sadly AVG Free Edition doesnít support scheduling so you can not have AVG automatically scanning for viruses for example at 10:00 on Saturday but if you pay for AVG you will be given that privilege.

If you know you have a virus and you have the name but AVG can not remove donít panic Ö there are removal tools for most viruses on the AVG Website and if you can not find them there check out Symantec look in download and virus removal tools.

Donít forget if you donít find any viruses and you have updated AVG but your computer still doesnít run smoothly and you feel something is not right you may have spy-ware for more information check out my Anti Spy-ware post click here

Thank you for taking the time to read and if a moderator is in a good mood can you please make this post a sticky. Thanks again.

Online Help

What is Spyware?
What is a Virus?
Help using AVG
AVG Removal Tools
Symantec Removal Tools

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Default Re: So, you think you have a Virus

nice job there my friend. i think that pretty sums it all up. yhea, dont u hate the people that dont know about anything? that are delarious? i kno that they have to learn sometime but still. its almost common sense nowadays... lol. ahwell.

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Default Re: So, you think you have a Virus

thanks, if someone posts a post about them viruses and how can they get rid of them point them to this post.
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Default Re: So, you think you have a Virus

answers my posts.
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