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Default Really Screwed Big Mistake need some help/guiding

Well i just got off with a PC technician for viruses and such and from what i gather i am screwed like 400dollars screwed yay! but yeah...

so my main savior it seems is a pro trained person who can help get rid of the "connections" so my identity is not at risk which it is now!
im currently running in safe mode so everything is like magnified and im seeing half a screen lol

But yeah so before i go to the infected side i was wondering if there is anything i could possibly do as the guy said even if i format my hard drive(which i only have 1 so im wondering how to do that) i still have problems as the spyware/viruses have formed root kits which i have been infected since 7 hours ago so i know im really in the hole. The guy took over my computer(the technician gee what a nice guy) and showed me where i had problems, my symantec av was screwed as well as my other stuff that generally runs. Amazing that i can still type and stuff in Safe Mode its like a shield or a protected area

anyways the main problems i was facing was for instance every time i rebooted my monitor would stay on for say 3-5mins then go black while my CPU ran my monitor did not so i could not see what was going on. Also they bi-passed my Windows Defender and My AV and AS and yeah... really screwed all because i tried downloading a full Anti-virus through a torrent its like a Trojan Horse! gee i wonder where they get the name from!

if any body can suggests reading materials or in the future how to protect myself etc... would be greatly appreciated! Computer Pro's please help!

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Default Re: Really Screwed Big Mistake need some help/guiding

Here are some good scanners:

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Ad-Aware Free - Anniversary Edition

Spybot - Search & Destroy

I hear this is good for going after root kits and espeacily tough viri: ComboFix

Be sure to run them in safe mode and remeber to turn of system restore. The really nasty ones like to hang out there and repopulate your system once you reboot.

You can also do an online scans here: Trend Micro™ HouseCall - BitDefender Online Scanner

Once you have that thing clean and fresh, I would suggest installing and running a good anti-virus proggy such as AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition or avast! antivirus Home Edition

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Default Re: Really Screwed Big Mistake need some help/guiding

Thanks man, you know its odd all of a sudden i have an Administrator account on my comp which i didnt have before and i cant pull up stuff like Task Manager or when i tried to install kaspersky it said my administrator wouldnt let me weird stuff
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