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Default Nightmare on Elm Street

WIN 32 Downadup Nightmare!

I am doing computer studies at college (Excel and Powerpoint) and took my removable hard drive to the college PC suite. I plugged drive into their computers and ended up getting the Win 32 Downadup virus. I was unaware at the time.

At home I have 5 computers (3 desktop and two laptops). One of desktops connected to internet. Anyhow I think I plugged my hard drive into the various computers to access my files and documents on it. When I plugged hard drive into my internet PC Norton ( my internet secuirty package) identifed the virus and amened the problem. Anyhow, the problem is my other 4 computers are now playing up.

Computer 1 (scenic - egg timer on cursor allways on) may well be infected but is not connected to internet. Have tried downloading AVG but because its Win2000 pro without updates and SP4 it wont allow AVG to download onto it. How can I download any antivirus software which is compatiable with my old Win 2000 Scenic computers?

computer 2 (scenic) - no real problems yet but will try and download AVG to look atPC - although same problem as 'computer 1' with regards too Win 2000 and AVG compatiabilty issues;

computer 3 (laptop Easynote) - downloaded AVG antivirus but wont connect with AVG online for updates - therefore computer may very well have viruses on it. I can go to virtually any other site except AVG or IE7, or Windows updates. Easynote will also not download Internet explorer 7; have done 'Diagnose internet connection problems' and results state problem is with the FTP. WHat can I do here?

computer 4 - (Targa laptop) - does not have anti viruses protection on it - as was wanting too keep seperate from internet to prevent getting viruses - although did not go according to plan! I have used my remoavable hard drive on Targa though so am worried it may have virsues on it. was thinking about downloading AVG onto it and doing quick check. Just dont want same issues as Easynote laptop.

Computer 5 - Dell (my internet PC) - keeps getting boot up issues like - 'primary disk not found' - has up to date AVG updates but am unable now to get on web. This problem with primary dorive not found has happened prior to reformat of hard drive and after. Only this time it will not boot up, period. What can I do with Dell computer? New hard drive maybe?

I also have three external hard drives which might be infected now. but because having internet connection problems and AVG update problems I dont know what to do.

I was thinking about taking external drives (to college) and checking with technicians if virsues been removed and if so can do virus checks their.

Although I am lost for ideas with trying to fix the five computers.

I know a good letter of complaint to college would not go a miss!

Please help.
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