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Default Need Help Please!

Ok last night IE was working perfectly, but when I went to search Google this afternoon, no matter what result I went to click on, it would hang for a second, then goes to some random webpage, many times showing a wierd IP in the bottom right corner. I automatically figured some sort of browser hijack, so I downloaded a couple Hijack Restorers, and neither worked. I then went and uninstalled every program I have installed in the past couple of days. No luck with that either. Finally, I started a virus scan, which is in the process of running right now. Wierd thing is, when I went to search google again, it (of course) it did the wierd webpage thing again, however when I did it 5 min later, it worked perfectly. Why would IE be doing thing?

Please Help!



P.S. - The Antivirus guard has detected quite a few viruses in my Temp folders (i.e. the Documents and Setting>Local Settings>Temp folder, and the C:\Windows\Temp folder) both of which I keep deleting.

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Default Re: Need Help Please!

I need help too. Can somebody please help me? I'm not very good with computers and my pc just got infected with a virus- files.exe (WORM_ABI.C). According to its properties, it's an application type virus, about 84KB and the location is usually the desktop (C:\DocumentsandSettings\AllUsers\desktop). I got it from an email message. There's an infected file on my desktop (named files) and I can't delete it. I can't open it or do anything to it. And I can't open the whole C Drive. That's basically the worst thing. I worry it might spread to other drives. So far the C Drive is the only one affected, everything else is running fine. Please, anyone, tell me how to permanently delete the infected file and get rid of the virus? My Anti-Virus (Trend Micro)can't do anything about it. What software would work with this type of virus? Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you.
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