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Default Hacking

Hey i have a comment maybe it is right or wrong... that's why i'm posting it so you can tell me heh.

I am reading hacking - the art of exploitino and i read a omplete hacker's handbook and started security warrior but stoped that one heh.

Anyways to me it seems hacking si knowing how the computer processes and works Intimatly and then knowing programmming and how to like if your a bad guy go beyond that and use the way the computer works to do something weird and make stuff blow up and a good hacker would like figure out how to plug the whole by thinking of how the processes work

So really hacking si just an intimate knowledge of computer design kinda like how the Computer guys who make the chips know how the hardware works intamitly it's kinda like that? and then just knowing programming to work around it to get it to do what you want?

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Yes, part of hacking is knowing how it works but your not going to make something explode by hacking unless its a really shitty computer your hacking.

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Default Re: Hacking

There are really two types of hacking: program hacking, and network hacking.

Program hacking is where programmers go through source code improving things, fixing bugs, debugging, all that good stuff.

Network hacking is where people try and find exploits and security holes in things. You here a lot more about these type of people.

Also, there are different types of hackers. White Hat hackers will use their skills to help improve things and such (read: the good guys). Black Hat hackers are the people who write viruses and use their skills for malicious intent.

That's a really rough overview.
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i know the overview and all and what i meant by explode is crash and i know that there are white hackers (patch stuff and make stuff secure)( and black hackers (jerkfaces) and i just meant like if you boil it down is it about knowing the computer and how it works and knowing how it worsk and how to manipulate and get it to do stuff is more what i meant but i was reading a programming part of a book (Hacking art of exploition) so i had a lean to programing in my post

i skipped the programming after awhile b/c i do not know programming yet (i took one vb course) soi i did not fully understand but i got hte important parts about how it works w/ overflow and stuff and how overflows happen and kinda get an idea of how they COULD be preventable but idk if my idea would work or not (just make the buffer bigger ? but probably wouldn't work in the long run)

Anyways thanks ofr your input :-D
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