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Default Hack proof security system

I have a security system. It's quite old.Not sure if it is hack proof. I'm little scared because yesterday my friend's system was hacked. All the data in it was leaked. I am planning on changing my security system. Recently I went through an article titled how to make your wireless security systems hackproof(How To Make Your Wireless Security System Hack Proof | Canadian Security Professionals). It advises one to make the wifi password protected and to ensure encrypted signal wireless security system. Any tips on installing a security system? Any drawback for hack proof security system? Has anyone installed it?
Please do share your valuable suggestion.
Thanks in advance

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Default Re: Hack proof security system

It looks like they're talking about smart home systems that you can setup yourself which rely on wifi signals to operate. Wifi can be cracked if the signal is in range for an attacker to capture traffic, and if the security password is weak enough.

It's a good idea to have a strong wifi password. But i'm guessing your average neighborhood burglar doesn't have the knowledge or the time to do that anyway.

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Default Re: Hack proof security system

"Hack proof" does not exist. If it gets power, or talks on the web, it has a door that someone can figure out how to get through. The simple question is whether or not they will. That's it.

Keep things updated, remove unnecessary accounts/services/features. Use long (30+ char) passwords and don't advertise your hack proof security system.

Edit: This video link didn't take the time command. Go to 12 min, 5 seconds. Only comment you need to hear.
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Default Re: Hack proof security system

When you find a hack proof security system you had better inform all the governments in the world because even they do not have hack proof security which has been proved time and time again with all the security breaches that have happened. . Then market it because you will make a fortune. Just remember one thing if they want to get inrto your computer they will.
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Default Re: Hack proof security system

Aye, the most hackproof systems are those that make hackers believe that they've successfully hacked it before they *actually* have. Commonly known as honeypots.
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