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Default Extremely Annoying Virus.. Please help!

Hey there.
First post; Hit me with your best insult about n00bletness.

Okay, so.. I decided to get some music going and opened a folder; It then had a problem with a Visual-C++ Library, saying something about explorer.EXEnow gone and i'm writing startbarless; So i thought okay first things first, lets take a look to see if there has ended in an unusual way; The startbar and well the whole shell thing is s any unusual looking processes going on.. I found lsass.exe, And although i'd seen it before, it looked different. I gave it a google and found details on the "Sasser Virus". This is the details on what it is, symptoms, and how to remove it: link.

The problem is, The registry entries, files that are created upon virus outbreak, etc, don't exist.. So it's as if the virus isn't really there. This could be very true, however if i try to end the LSASS.EXE process up comes the window saying the computer will shutdown in 60 seconds (which is the exact window as depicted in the virus description); Of course i can stop it now with the SHUTDOWN -A command in the command box.

Soon i'll be getting a new computer, and i can finally reformat this crappy old motor... However, i'm still a little worried with this closing of explorer whenever i open a folder.

Here's another thing i've realised. The explorer only seems to close when i open a certain folder.. just a folder called "Rhys" that is on my desktop.

If you have any ideas please tell me.
Thankyou very very much for your time.

-Rhys Andrews

EDIT: Here's some more info. I was redirected to an update/maliculous software tool at microsoft that searches for these sapper viruses and removes them.. it didn't find any viruses. I also tried the removal tool for the sapper virus (by Symnantec); However i had to be logged in as an Administrator; And our administrator account isn't visible on the welcome screen (and i don't know the password either; nobody does.. i tried logging in with admin account in safe mode).

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Default Re: Extremely Annoying Virus.. Please help!

what anti-virus do u have. My gues is that it is Norton?

start -> run -> msconfig -> startup
then find that virus and disable it.

Then reboot. Then update ur anti-virus (if u have norton I'd just uninstall it and download either AntiVir personal or AVG free) and run a full system scan.

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Default Re: Extremely Annoying Virus.. Please help!

Thankyou for the tips.. However i don't currently have an antivirus. I also don't plan to.. AVG Free i decided didn't work well (since i uninstalled it, installed norton, and norton found heaps of viruses where as AVG found nothing); I don't have an antivirus now because my thingy has run out of validation.

Well hey, I'm getting this computer technically fixed because after i posted this topic i decided to reinstall my norton and revalidate my account.. upon start of installation my computer "blew up".. well actually just restarted. While it was checking for memory, it had like 20 random symbols for the total memory.. and the computer just sat like that. I restarted again, and it showed the first 3 lines that come up when turning on the computer (and stayed like that). Turned off the computer, turned it back on, monitor wouldn't even come on (orange light).

I found out it could very well have been a power overload. My powerboard had 2 computers connected, a surround sound system and a printer; so either something overloaded the computer with power, or.. not. But my local computer shop is fixing it up now.

Hopefully nothing is wrong with my hard-drive; It had EXTREMELY important stuff like all my what.. 8,000 lines of code that i'd programmed over the last few months.

-Rhys Andrews
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