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Default Want to trade: 700mhz and up for radio advertising..

I am approaching you all on computer forums today on behalf of Unsigned Online, an online radio station playing the best Unsigned rock music from across the world, and serving thousands of listeners daily, in hope that your company would be willing to become a sponsor to our not-for-profit company.

As our site traffic grows, the demand on our system increases, and it just cannot handle it. Our website is hosted by a 3rd party, but a lot of information from our website is pulled directly from this system on our internet connection. The system handling the database requests is an older model Compaq Presario. This system has a 5200rpm hard drive with 15GB capacity, and as you could guess, that isn't sufficient when there are thousands of requests being sent to it daily. The computer is in semi-decent shape, but being as old as it is, the uptime isn't good enough to maintain the thousands of listeners we deal with daily, and the thousands of hits we are getting each and every day. We don't necessarily need a new computer, but something to use as a backup when this system goes down or has to be restarted would be nice. The only thing we would ask for, would be that the computer, whether desktop or laptop, would have a minimum of 15GB storage, 256mb RAM (128 would be fine even), and at least a 700mhz processor. If your company/self was able to supply a newer computer, I am quite sure we could work a deal out so that you could receive more traffic for your business or personal website.

In exchange for this, you may either receive advertising on our homepage, in the form of a 468x60 banner ad, displayedat the top of the homepage, an ad on the top of every page on our forums (around 200 members), and ad at the bottom of every page on the site (including forums), or on-the-air advertising, the ad would be paid for by Unsigned Online, and made by either Jeff Straub ( www.jeffradio.com ) or Jennifer Steele ( www.iamjensteele.com ). The number of times the ad is played, and the time interval between which it is played would be up to your company, as long as it is a reasonable amount. The site advertising would be the best choice, considering we receive over 50,000 unique hits per month, you would get much broader exposure.

Please keep in mind, Unsigned Online is a venture run by volunteers, and we do not profit from what we do. Our primary goal is to get the music of great unsigned artists to the general public, and besides for the Unsigned portion of XM Radio, we have been the only station to successfully get that done.

We rely solely on companies and individuals such as yourselves, who believe in what we are doing, and support our station in what we do, which is of course, getting unsigned music to people who would have otherwise never have heard it.

I look forward to doing business with some of you, and thank you very much for your time.

Website traffic statistics are available at:

Christopher Hawthorne
Station Owner/Manager
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