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Hey guys im clearing out all my old stuff for new stuff, theres some really good stuff mixed in here, email at schaeffer007@yahoo.com to barter and for pics. The number after each item is the price in dollars. I am located in Arizona, US at 85258

Stuff For Sale

Matched pair corsair xms 512R-3200C2 2x512mb DDR Original Packaging 200
Kingston 128mb PC100 SDRam 10
Siemens PC100 64mb SDRAM 5
Samsung PC100 64mb SDRAM 5
PLASYS 256mb Ecc registered PC2700 DDR 75
Kinston PC 133 128mb SDRAM 10
Name Brand PC 100 64mb SDRAM 5

IDE Zip 100mb Drive 20
Sony 31/4 inch floppy 5
Teac 31/4 inch floppy 5
Khypermedia 48x24x48 CD-RW 10
Mad-Dog 56x Cd-Rom drive with window mod 10
Compaq 4x CD-Rom 2.50
Teac Laptop CD Drive (IDE adapter optional) 15 + 10 for adapter

Logitech Cordless MouseMan Wheel w/ receiver (USB) 10
ViewSonic wireless mouse w/ receiver (PS2) 10
Original Microsoft Serial Mouse 10
Logitech M31 Serial Mouse 5
Logitech Trackman Vista (Trackball) 10
Compaq S34 PS2 Mouse 5
Logitech S34 Ps2 Mouse (same as above just with Logitech on it) 5
2 New in box Belkin USB mice 7

Hard Drives
Maxtor Diamond Max 9 7200 RPM 120gb ATA 133 30
Seagate Baracuda 7200 RPM 120GB ATA 133 30

Intel Pentium 3 450 MHZ Slot 1 10
Intel Celeron socket 370 1 ghz 20
Intel Pentium 166 Mhz with mmx and built in HS/F 25(collectors item)
Intel Pentium 120 25 collectors item
512K L2 for the Pentiums 10

After Cooler 15
2 blue cold cathode 5
1 UV cold cathode 5
2 Packages of Velcro strips and screws 1 apiece
1 inverter 5
2 Back panel power switch thing 2
A lot of rounded cables – email for your needs

Heatsink Fan Combos

Vantec Socket 370 cooler 10
2 Stock Pentium 4 coolers 10
Coolermaster Aero 4 lite 20

2 PCI Conexant 56k Modem 5
Belkin 10/100 Net adapter 5
Siemens Speedstream 10/100 Net adapter 5
ISA Adaptec SCSI card 10
STB TV/Radio Tuner (from dell xps) 15
3 ISA modems 10
1 c-cube dvd card (from dell xps) 15
1 ambient 56k pci modem 5
4 New in box siemens speedstream 10/100 net adapters 10
1 New in box belkin 10/100 net adapter 10

Video Cards
Matrox Millenia PCI vid card 5
Ge-Force 4 ti-4200 64mb AGP 30
Ge-Force 4 MX 440 64mb AGP 25
Radeon 7000 64mb AGP 20
Ati Rage 8mb AGP 10

Jet 4 fan and speed controller
I have too many fans from 40 mm to 72 mm and I have grills for them as well

Cell Phones
2 Motorola Star Tacs with belt clip and manual 30 apiece

Full Systems Contact me: I have a lot of cases and components that aren’t listed here, we can play with the specs – a lot im also considering parting these out – email me

Celeron 2.2 GHZ 768 mb pc 2700 radeon 9600 128 mb 80 gig hard drive onboard sound 48x cdrw 16X DVD Rom VIA P4B 400 mobo (600) e-mail me for complete specs and monitor

Pentium 2 450mhz 20 gig hdd – 256 mb pc 100 geforce 2 64mb soundblaster live 10/100 net adapter 100 bux w/monitor

Nes games

Im thinking maybe 5 bux apiece

I have an old controller (5 bux) and a special box that holds 15 games, in a rack like thing (10 bux)
The legend of zelda(its the gold one and ill throw in a extra case for it) (six bux)
Gotcha 6 bux, with a sleeve
Top Gun
Super Mario Bro's 2
To The Earth
Rad Racer
R.C. Pro Am
Double Dragon
Tiger-Heli (my personal favorite)
Freedom Force
Baseball Stars
Bases Loaded
Donkey Kong Classics
Casino Kid *Sold*
Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros

Snes Games

SNES Console 15

All games 5 bux

Mario Paint
Superscope 6
Super Bases Loaded
Super Mario World

2 Controllers 5 bux apiece
receiver for super scope

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where are you located
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Bit too far for me then... lots of interesting stuff there though
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Nice stuff
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