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Old 04-08-2006, 02:19 PM   #1
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Post fs: pentium 4 desktop computer

original purchase on 08.11.2003 | total price ( includes s|h of 20.00 ) @ 817.00

-enermax case cs-3171l-b3a - purchased 109.00
-intel motherboard d865gbf - purchased 219.00 *
-- actually purchased a d875pbz @ this price, but they sent the d865gbf so they sent 44.00 bucks back - so purchased @ 175.00
-intel processor pentium 4 2.4b ghz, 533fsb, 512k l2 cache - purchased @ 189.00
-kingston valueram memory 128mb pc2100 - purchased @ 33.00
-maxtor 120gb sata hard drive 8mb chase 7200rpm - purchased @ 169.00
-sony 52x cdrom cdu5221 - purchased 29.00
-wireless office keyboard ( no name brand basically ) w/ wireless optical mouse (mck-9000) - purchased @ 49.00

upgrades: ( includes taxes 't'and | or shiping 's' )

-02.06.2005 - xfx mx4000 64mb pci graphics card @ 63.00 - t
-02.07.2005 - creative soundblaster live! ( shows as emu10k1 )@ 31.00 - t
-02.12.2005 - compuzone 128mb pc2700 @ 26.00 - t
-02.12.2005 - sony floppy drive @ 21.00 - t
-02.17.2005 - lg 52x32x52x cdrw drive @ 52.00 - t
-02.23.2005 - windows xp home sp2 operating system @ 106.00 - t
-03.05.2005 - kingston valueram 512mb pc3200 @ 60.00 - s
-04.02.2005 - kingston valueram 512mb pc3200 x3 @ 144.00 - s
-04.29.2005 - bfg asylum fx5200 256mb agp8x graphics card @ 106.00 t
-04.30.2005 - enermax noisetaker 485w atx power supply @ 103.00 - s
-05.23.2005 - intel pentium 4 prescott 3.0e ghz @ 187.00 - s
-05.27.2005 - asus p4c800e deluxe @ 212.00 - t
-01.10.2006 - thermaltake tr2-m12 @ 15.00 - s ( *** )
-01.14.2006 - thermaltake spark 7 ( p4 ) @ 42.00 - t ( *** )
-02.03.2006 - thermaltake tr2-m12 @ 0.00 - s ( *** )


*** the cpu coolers were a fiasco that was fun... ( grumble )... i purchased the first tr2-m12 on the date shown. that was when i was having temperature-fan speed problems with the retail fan/heatsink from the processor ( fan speed was not going higher but the temp was - causing the pentium 4 to shut itself down - smart feature... hehe, saved the processor ). when i got it, i opened it up to find that one of the retaining clips was broken. so i went to the compuzone store and looked for a p4 cooler ( the spark 7 was the only and only means only p4 cooler they had... all others were amd ) and so i bought the spark 7. got it home, put that baby in with the maual adjustable fan control speed thingy. then a few weeks later i remembered i needed to tell newegg about what happened, and then the second thermaltake tr2-m12 came in, for free. them newegg guys know how to keep customers - hoorah -... so thats the cpu cooler thing. ( the heatsink and fan on both sets are unused, but only 3 functional retaining clips are usable, and i will include the broken one just for completeness, but you wont be able to use it really - to my knowledge )


the assembled computer as it is now:

the asus board, the 3.0e p4, 2gb of kingston ram, the soundblaster, the asylum fx5200, and the cd and cd-rw drives, along with the 120 gb maxtor sata. with the enermax 485w power box. all in the enermax case.

and the assorted pieces from upgrading are around, some have original packaging and boxes, others are just themselves.

the kdsusa 17" crt monitor will probably go to goodwill, unless someone is really wanting it, or is close by... ( shipping is a b*t*h, or so ive heard on crt monitors )


why i am selling:

i want to be able to program again, but since im using my brother's computer ( the one thats connected to reality - the net ) .. he wont let me install my programming software... and i dont have any three prong outlets in my room ( its a pre-{u.s. hurricane hugo} house ) ... so i decided to sell, so i can get a laptop. i can put the charging station or plug thingy on my brother's computer desk, and charge the batteries there, and i can use the laptop around the house and stuff. and carry my programming software with me, ready to use when i think of ideas for programming.



reasonable offers to include shipping from 29406.


thanks for looking

Foxconn 6150BK8MC-KRSH
4GiB OCZ DDR400@2.5|3|2|5
BFB 7800GTX 256MiB
Antec EarthWatts 650W
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Old 04-08-2006, 09:20 PM   #2
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Default Re: fs: pentium 4 desktop computer

ok, this post is for upgrades:

everything is available unless noted below:

sold: intel d865bgf
sold: intel p4 2.4ghz
Foxconn 6150BK8MC-KRSH
4GiB OCZ DDR400@2.5|3|2|5
BFB 7800GTX 256MiB
Antec EarthWatts 650W
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