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Default 12 Minute SLAP

12 Minute SLAP

Touch Support, LLC.

The 12 Minute S.L.A.P.

We provide a 12-Minute Service Level & Action Promise which means we will be in the process of fixing or rebooting your server within 12 minutes of our monitoring system detecting a service failure or downtime event. 12 Minutes is our guarantee, actual times are usually in the 3-4 minute range!

If you are responsible for keeping client sites and company servers online, you can not afford to pass up this opportunity!

What we do:

* 2 Minute Server Monitoring Intervals
* Human Response to Service Failure
- Our team of trained technicians will manually verify that a service is offline and either restart the service or follow your listed procedure of what to do in the event of the current service failure. Additionally, our team will follow the response procedure You Create if your server becomes unavailable to bring it back online!
* All of this will take place within 12 minutes of a Service Failure!
* String or socket verification of the following ports:
1. HTTP [80]
2. MySQL [3306]
3. Sendmail|Exim|Qmail [25]
4. POP [110]
5. IMAP [143]
6. Bind|TinyDNS [53]
7. Cpanel [2082]
8. WHM [2086]
9. ProFTPD|PureFTPD [21]
10. HTTPS [443]
11. SSH [22]
12. Custom Port 1
13. Custom Port 2
* Uptime statistics are available through your own GuaranteedUptime.com portal

ACT NOW: 50% off any of our Server Administration and Monitoring Packages for the first 30 days. Coupon Code 0310345


REACTION [$19.95/mo. per server] Now 50% Off First 30 Days

Details: http://touchsupport.com/outsourced-t...t-sysadmin.php

Forget traditional monitoring services that only send you an email when your server goes down. GuaranteedUptime.com provides a reactive service which includes system monitoring with procedural response for much less than many popular passive monitoring services.

Our custom tailored monitoring service provides a unique solution to server events. We will collaborate with you to write a detailed procedure for how our staff will handle a server event. Below is an example of what a procedure for incident response to a server offline might look like:

Incident: Monitoring software alerts our staff that a server is offline. Response: Bring server back online via the following procedure:

1. Call Data Center at 888-222-3334, Press '4'. 2. Ask for 'Peter', if unavailable provide DataCenter staff with ID# 392387. 3. Inquire about network availability. 4. Request Immediate reboot. 5. Call back every 5 minutes until server is online.

Total Confidence [$29.95/month per server] Now 50% Off First 30 Days

Details: http://touchsupport.com/outsourced-t...t-sysadmin.php

System monitoring services with procedural and reactive responses With Touch Support ::TOTAL CONFIDENCE::, you may rest assured that no matter what, your server will remain online thanks to quick responses by server administrators to service issues. We will:

1)Provide ::Reaction:: Server monitoring 2) Troubleshoot/Repair Service Issues: Fix Apache issues which cause an outage Fix MySQL, BIND issues which cause an outage Fix Exim, Cpanel issues which cause an outage Attempt to thwart a DOS attack


New! ADMIN LITE [$49.95/mo. per machine] Now 50% Off First 30 Days

Details: http://touchsupport.com/outsourced-t...t-sysadmin.php

Touch Support is proud to offer our System Administration services for small and large businesses of all sorts requiring cutting-edge administration on non-hosting platforms, web hosting companies with in-house support teams, and dedicated server providers looking to offer Managed Dedicated Servers.

DEDICATED TECH [$99.95/mo. per machine] Now 50% Off First 30 Days

Details: http://touchsupport.com/outsourced-t...t-sysadmin.php

Our flagship server administration package provides your company with a team of technicians whose sole responsibility is to maintain a small number of client servers. With Touch Support :EDICATED TECH::, your company will know what it's like having a team of IT staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Order Now: https://www.touchsupport.com/modernbill/order/

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Default Re: 12 Minute SLAP

if i had the server, id use it...looks very useful

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Default Re: 12 Minute SLAP

Yeah thats sweet, looks like an even sweeter job. I could do that all day.
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