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Default Using Word to Send out Customised Mass/Bulk Emails

When sending out a lot of emails, how can we customise it so that it does not look like a spam? By using the mail merge function provided by word, we can easily achieve this. If you are a student with limited resources and want to contact with companies, I think this is very handy and efficient. This can help you to print out mails or email format to send to mass recipients.

Step 1: Make sure you have an email list to be imported

You need to firstly have an emailing list. You could either use your email contacts from outlook or you can construct new one in Word. Here is the example of how you build a contact list in Word.

Select “Mailings” --> “Select Recipients” --> “Type New List” and the following window will jump up. And then you can start building your new email list. The detail the emailing list (such as having title, company name, company address, phone number) the better. This helps to provide “customise” feeling.

Step 2: Step by Step Email Merge

After the emailing list, select “Mailings” --> “Start Mail Merge” --> "Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard".

[Mail Merge Wizard – Step 1: Document Type]
On the right hand side of your word window, will have a new separated window. The first step is deciding what type of the document you want to create. For this guide, I am using letters.

[Mail Merge Wizard – Step 2: Writing Mail Content]
Choosing the mail content you going to use. You can either start from scratch or use the one you already prepared.

[Mail Merge Wizard – Step 3: Choose Email list]
Choosing your mail recipients from either the list you constructed in Word or Outlook.

[Mail Merge Wizard – Step 4: Customisation]
Here you can choose what type of information you want to put on the letter to make it looks more customised. The customisation is based on the information you have in your emailing list. Therefore, the more detail the emailing list, the more customised look it can achieve. There are several features can be customised but I am just going to demonstrate the basic ones – name & address, and greeting lines.

--Adding Title, Name, and Address
Select “Address Book”,

a window will pop up and the left hand side of the window shows different ways for you to present recipient’s name, address and other information. A preview of your selection will be shown on the right hand side.

--Adding Greeting Lines
Select “Greeting Lines”, a window will pop up and will show different combination of greetings.

After you insert the customisation settings, in the word document which you are working on, will show <<AddressBlock>> <<GreetingLine>> in your text.

[Mail Merge Wizard – Step 5: Preview]
You can preview all the recipients by clicking left or right button and you will be able to see how the mail/email exactly looks like with address and greeting blocks. This will be a good time for you to check your format of the text.

Finally, you can complete your customisation.

Step 3: Send out Emails and Adding Email Subject
When you finish the step by step mail merge wizard, you need to go to “Finish & Merge” to choose to complete your action. If you are sending out emails, you need to go to “Finish & Merge” -->”Send Email Messages” so that you can type email subject.

A new window will pop up and you will be able to type your email subjects.

Email merge function is very useful and easy for anyone want to send out big quantity mail/emails. It will save you a lot of time. However, there are some limitation which this mail merge function does not provided:

1. customise the email subject
2. add attachment to the email

I have been searched how to achieve above two points; however, I didn’t find an easy way yet. Most of the solution needs to write Marco. If anyone knows to do the above things, please let us know¬!
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