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Default Windows 7: The AGONY of updates...

Hi there, beware it's probably a rant.

Anybody else have to wait a lifetime to install updates in Windows 7?

I currently have it installed on VMWare and last night I searched for updates, and each time I do this the same thing happens; it searches.. an searches.. an searches.. forever. I get fed up and restart only for THEN the available updates to appear, so I select them and it "starts to download and install" them, but it was downloading them forever. I left it over night and when I woke it finally downloaded and installed them, but I was disappointed to see that there were more, so I start to download those and... well you can guess it's still doing it. I check the vitals and can see that it's doing SOMETHING but god knows what.

I only allocated 2 cores to this OS so I shut it down, blasted it to 4 and started it again but this did nothing to improve the speed. Despite the updates only being 50MB at the most! I'm on 30mbps so it should have taken what? a few minutes to download?

Even though it's still "downloading and installing updates" there's NO network utilization at all, It's just been over an hour of CPU and Memory usage despite the fact that it's (apparently) not even downloaded them, so what the hell is it doing? I know that if I left this rubbish doing it all day eventually it would complete, but how practical is this? Half a day for 50 megs worth of updates?

It's like Microsoft punishing you for still having Windows 7; they see they've not entirely ruled the world with Windows 10 collecting petabytes of user info for advertisements and whatever else so they make 7 just sit in a constant software loop using resources for no apparent reason other than to try and FORCE you into upgrading.
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