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Default Re: Mysterious software lag

Well, I tried using the repair feature on the Win7 COEM disc, but it only wanted to repair startup issues, and since that is not the issue, it was not the solution.

I then thought that maybe I could use Total Commander to compare the dll files in the System32 directory on my laptop to the System32 directory on the desktop. That was a waste of time. There are 4398 dll files in the System32 directory alone! That doesn't include the thousands scattered all over C: drive.

It's beginning to look like, to me, that it's useless to back up O.S.'s, as restoring them does not return the system to full health. I'm also thinking I may end up clearing the C: drive (SSD) and starting over with a fresh install. Unfortunately that means dealing with MS over the activation key, and SolidWorks over my license. If anyone has any other ideas, feel free!
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